Southland 170 MPH 520 CFM Blower Attachment for Wheeled String Trimmer Mower

Add versatility to your Southland Wheeled String Trimmer Mower (Model # SWSTM4317) with the Southland Blower Attachment. The air speed of 170 MPH and air flow of 520 CFM makes cleaning up your driveway, sidewalk, or yard a breeze. The swivel function of 20° and 30° on the base unit (SWSTM4317) allows for the redirection of air flow for maximum versatility and efficiency. The 7 in. spinner style lead wheel provides maximum maneuverability which makes clearing debris effortless. The Southland add-on blower for the Southland Wheeled String Trimmer Mower (Model # SWSTM4317) does everything a regular leaf blower can do, except take up space and put a dent in your wallet. This blower attachment is the perfect accessory for clearing up your outdoor space.