3-Piece Danish Cotton 100% Eco-Tex Certified Dishcloths, Yellow Lime/T

Danish Cotton Dishcloth Trios Packs of 3: Dorte Danish grandmother knitted colorful dishcloths. When the last of Dorte grandmother knitted dishcloths wore out and her grandmother was no longer here to make them, Dorte picked up the knitting needles and made them herself. More and more people wanted them and when Dorte could not keep up with demand, she found a way to make them using a knitting machine. Today they are machine knitted in India using super soft 100% eco-tex certified cotton and a fabulous rainbow of colors! Today these cotton dishcloths are equally functional with superb quality just like gramma's. They are ideal for wiping down surfaces and are soft enough for the bath too. Wash before first use as surplus color may occur. Each one measures 10" x 10". In addition to 100% cotton we also have the organic cotton cloths.The sets of 3 "combi" include 3 different shades of the color variation name. The sets of 3 "trio" are 3 of the same color.