Solaira Candel Series Electric 22" Patio Heater - XL (H1) - 1500 Watts - 208/240V - Black - SCOSYXL15240-L1B

Solaira Candel Series Electric 22-Inch Patio Heater - XL (H1) - 1500 Watts - 208/240V - Black. SCOSYXL15240-L1B. Ceiling & Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters. Solaira CANDEL series heaters use quartz emitter lamp filtering to retain most of the heat, but reduce the visible light by nearly 50%. CANDEL series heaters use short wave infrared technology to heat people and objects and not the air leaving it unaffected by wind or a draft. CANDEL series heaters are perfect for installations where the low ambient light is preferable such as restaurants, bars and cafes, and outdoor home patios. Constructed using rust resistant powder coated cast aluminum with stainless steel components. Highly efficient, CANDEL series heaters reach maximum output within 1 second and are offer directional control. CANDEL series heaters come in three different form factors for recessed, ceiling, and wall mounting to fit any need or application. All CANDEL series heaters meet IP55 standards for rain and snow proofing and can be installed for a variety of uses.