skinChemists Placenta Eye Gel, 40 Gram

A hydrating eye gel enriched with amino acids, antioxidants and minerals to deeply regenerate the skin. skinChemists placenta eye gel aims to gently soothe the eye area, enriched with nutritious, hydrating and nourishing agents, the skin should be left regenerated and hydrated with recduced signs of ageing. The placenta is acclaimed for its targeted action on the skin: the skin should be left visibly regenerated and the complexion more radiant. The placenta is a rich source of nutritional elements boosting skin cell reproduction. Its contains iron to improve the oxygen absorption by the skin cells, and vitamins b6 and e which repair the skin and forms antibodies. Also containing gransil dmcm-5, which is a mattifying agent will work to reduce the look of multiple signs of ageing. Glycofilm creates a protective layer on the epidermis for a second skin effect limiting the impacts of external stress factors.