SINKOLOGY Rounded 22 oz. Extra Thick Pure Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mug (Set of 2)

SINKOLOGY copper mugs provide the ideal chill needed to keep your cocktail cool. The rounded version of our Moscow mule copper mugs provide 22 oz. of capacity and feature an extra thick 18 pure copper design. The extra thick design of SINKOLOGY copper mugs adds durability and weight you wont find with other Moscow mule cups. SINKOLOGY mugs are unlined and free from any potentially harmful lacquers. You want a copper mug, thats what you get with SINKOLOGY. Heavy duty, pure solid copper. The conductive nature of copper will help to keep your ice from diluting your cocktail and has a cool, refreshing feel against your lips. SINKOLOGY copper mugs are made with a polished copper handle that doesn't transfer body heat so that your cocktail won't prematurely warm. The cold temperature also helps to maintain the carbonation of ginger beer, ales, and other carbonated beverages, keeping supreme fizziness from first sip to last. As with all SINKOLOGY products our Moscow Mule mugs are protected by a lifetime warranty.