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Firefighter Personalized Placemat Set

LISTING INCLUDES Firefighter Placemats you choose how many you would like You choose the Fabric and Reflective tape color You choose if you would like to personalize the item MATERIALS The items are made with new cotton ripstop material. This material looks just like the firefighter turnout material. I choose to use new material on all my items as I don't know what toxins can still be left on the material even after washing it. Also added is new reflective tape SIZE Approximate size of the placemats are 18" x 13" HOW TO ORDER 1) Click on OPTIONS above the add to cart button 2) Choose the Fabric Color Tan or Black from the drop down menu. 3) Choose the reflective tape color, Neon Yellow or Neon Orange from the drop down menu. 4) Please choose How many Placemats and if you want to add a name to them 5) Please enter the name in the box in all capital letters If you do not want to add a name please Type None 6)Choose the thread color for the name 7) After you are done, click ADD TO CART and complete purchase