Simply Homemade

Double Black Pack Mason/Kerr/Ball Canning Jar Oil Lamp or Burner Converter

Mason Jar Oil Lamp Converter - Regular Lid Size Gold, Black, White or Silver Lid Choice Choose Single, Double or Triple Packs! Let these Mason Jars Oil Burner Converters with wicks assist you in creating your own lovely oil lamps and burners! Transform any canning jar container into handcrafted, impressive glowing, soothing adornments. Simply fill your favorite containers with your favorite ambrosial oils and perfumes, place these converters on top, and light! And don't forget to embellish and personalize your designated jugs or basins, first! Even fill these containers with melted wax dye for some fun color, or infuse flowers, citrus fruits, coffee and vanilla beans, or spruces and pinecones for a wonderful smell and presentation. Their clear glass colors wick holders and basic white cotton wicks are sure to match any decor and become gorgeous accents for room! Wick is 5" and you can refill it when done. Jar not included - for display purposes only.