Simplify Scorch Resistant Silicone Coated Ironing Board Padded Cover with Elastic Edges and Velcro Strap, 2 Pack, Plum

Ironing board pad cover from simplify replaces your existing pad. Ensure the perfect fit! The cover provides maximum protection and adjustable support to your iron board. Get better ironing results in faster than ever before! Cover ironing board with a soft pad enables easy and smooth ironing of your clothes. Trust us and complete your ironing set, by picking an ironing pad and cover, from our variety. These ironing elements are available in materials that assist you and ease your task of ironing. Our range includes ironing board cover and pad 54 x 15" that are perfect in looks as well. Protective ironing board cover for iron table made from specialized heat-resistant silicon material that effectively resists staining and burning. The silicon coated table ironing board cover constructed from sturdy materials that give it the durability to last well for quality years.