Silver Spoons


PREMIUM QUALITY: These beautiful chargers are composed of high-rated heavyweight paper materials rendering the plates sturdy and durable. These disposable dinner chargers are , non-toxic and safe to use ELEGANT YET AFFORDABLE: With this dazzling set of gold charger plates you get the look of high-end chargers at an affordable price. Add glitz and glamour to your party and experience fine dining with these chic gold round chargers that you can easily dispose after the event EXQUISITE DESIGN: These attractive disposable chargers are designed with a metallic finish, wide rims that lend a touch of class and elegance. The wide rims also prevent spills. It’s fine design makes this a perfect product to complement any color scheme or party decoration DESIGNED FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Our charger sets are ideal for all occasions. They can transform a simple table setting into a stylish one. These chargers are a perfect option for upgrading banquets, fiestas, bbqs, engagements, birthdays, parties, baby showers, upscale catering, home dinners, etc. CONVENIENT TO USE: These disposable charger plates are sturdy enough to carry the weight of heavy food items. The plates are made of heavyweight and food grade paper materials crafted to hold loads of food without sagging or breaking.