Consigned “Merino Ram” French Bronze Sculpture by Isidore Bonheur

BRONZE SCULPTURE OF "MERINO RAM" CAST AFTER MODEL BY ISIDORE JULES BONHEURAn early Peyrol cast (unmarked), circa 1870; signed in base "I BONHEUR"Item # 901KTR26A An exquisite casting of Merino Ram, our gallery handled Isidore Bonheur's other variation of this model which was a group combined as Merino Ram and Ewe. Both sculptures that made up that group were recently acquired by our shop and Merino Ewe may still be available in the shop inventory. An early casting by the Peyrol foundry, it is apparently unmarked though without question a casting by the firm. Note the extraordinary detail throughout the wool coat of the animal, this chaotic furling difficult to model but even more difficult to cast competently; Isidore and Rosa's sheep are some of the finest models imagined by the 19th century Animaliers. The face of the ram is chiseled with exceptional crispness and is flawlessly finished. The figure is finished in a dark brown chemical patina with hints of black over lighter bronze hues. It is signed in the naturalistic base "I BONHEUR". The underside of the base is filled with a plaster core covered with early green felt.Measurements: 8" H x 9 1/4" W x 3 7/8" DCondition Report:Minor rubbing around edges of base. Typical and minor wear to relief. Fine original patina.