Bed Headboard Double Size Floral Hand Carved Reclaimed Wooden Rustic Panels Decoration Sculpture Accent from Thailand 35.5x13.5 Inches

Bed headboard or decorative carved wooden wall panel are made from reclaimed teak wood and because of handmade please expect a slightly difference. They might not come with the exact squares as described as the carvers rough cut slats that are approximately the same size. They later lay the slats side by side. The pattern is transferred by hand. Our artisans make a panel by drilling the holes and thread finger saws through the openings of the pattern. They then carve it by hand to create three dimension effect. The piece is then sanded. Carved panel comes in 1 solid piece and two embedded hangers are attached to the back As it is made by hand thus each product is an imperfect art but impressively unique. To hang, start with placing the middle panels and work your way outwards. The outside edge might not look like a perfect square and the pattern may not line up perfectly after assembling the panels side by side.