Shun Sora 7-Inch Hollow-Ground Santoku; Asian-Style Multi-Purpose Knife Featuring Shun's Composite Blade Technology; Traditional Japanese Handle Design; Handcrafted in Japan for Premier Quality

The Santoku, an Asian-inspired knife, is a kitchen favorite for its versatility and convenience. Slightly shorter than a standard chef’s knife, the Shun Santoku is lightweight, easily maneuvered and agile. Completing a variety of basic cutting tasks with ease, the Shun Sora 7-inch Santoku is an essential for any kitchen. Designed with a slight belly curve that enables a rocking cut, it is ideal for dicing and mincing. The double-bevel blade has hollow-ground indentations on the side, reducing friction when cutting and letting food release more easily from the blade. Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans, Shun kitchen knives are products of cutting-edge technology and contemporary design. The handle of the Sora Santoku is made of a textured PP/TPE polymer blend for a comfortable grip and easy maintenance, while providing a sleek, modern appearance. Shun Sora line provides high quality at an amazing price, making these premier kitchen knives more than worth it.