Shortie's Candle

Mulberry Soy Votive Candles - Scented with Natural Fragrance Oils - 6 Dark Red Natural Votive Candle Refills - Christmas & Holiday Collection

These wonderfully large berries have a fantastically tart and fruity sweet fragrance that mixes well with a bit of sugar for a yummy holiday treat. Our Soy based Mulberry Votive Candles are designed to be burned in traditional votive holders, feature a self trimming natural fiber wick, and should use 100% of the wax when burned properly while giving off good scent throw. Because all molded candles use hard waxes that can maintain shape, they are not able to hold as much fragrance as their container counterparts. Although, our Christmas votive candles are much stronger than our competitors due to our exclusive soy wax blend. Our natural hard wax is composed of a moldable, soy wax blend, which allows us to add a good amount of fragrance to each candle without the fragrance bleeding out while maintaining a rigid shape. Our soy wax blend also features a low melting point making for a faster melt and good scent throw.