Shortie's Candle Company

Pure Wisteria Wax Melts - 1 Highly Scented 3 Oz. Bar - Made With Essential & Natural Oils - Flower & Floral Air Freshener Cubes Collection

This mysterious & dramatic flower grows in long, stringy blooms from large vines. It has a strong floral fragrance much like Hyacinth or Lilac, but with subtle notes of sweetness. Our highly scented Wisteria Wax Melts are very similar to Yankee Candle Tarts and Scentsy Bars, but are made with our classic paraffin wax blend giving them the same great strong scent throw as our popular jar candles. Each pack of Floral wax melts contains 6 long lasting wax blocks, and each 1/2 Oz. cube will provide strong fragrance for 5+ hours. Our Wisteria warmer wax is far stronger and last much longer than your traditional big box brands. Our classic container wax is composed of a super soft paraffin petrolatum blend, which allows us to add up to more fragrance to each candle than traditional candles without the fragrance bleeding out. Our classic wax blend also features a low melting point making for a faster melt and better scent throw.