Shortie's Candle Company

Mistletoe Moments Tealight Candles - Highly Scented with Natural Oils - 6 Green Hand Poured Tea Lights - Clear Container for Beautiful Candlelight - Christmas & Holiday Collection

Relive those amazing moments under the Mistletoe when the scent of freshly trimmed pine tree and the sweet aroma of ripe juicy berries mix during that unforgettable holiday kiss Our Mistletoe Moments tealight candles feature a beautiful clear container that allows the candle color to shine through brilliantly, and a self trimming natural fiber wick. Our Christmas tea lights will add a luminous splash of color to any home decor, or any event big or small! Each 1/2 Oz. tealight burns for 5+ hours, and pack a great scent throw for such a small package. Our classic container wax is composed of a super soft paraffin petrolatum blend, which allows us to add up to more fragrance to each candle than traditional candles without the fragrance bleeding out. Our classic wax blend also features a low melting point making for a faster melt and better scent throw.