ShopWildThings Beaded Curtain Ball Chain Silver Metallic over Acrylic

So, you love the metal ball chain beaded curtains look but not the price tag. Here's a great alternative. Our Acrylic Ball Chain curtains are triple-dipped in metallic paint to give it that finished look of real metal. They are lightweight so as to be easy to hang, but not so light that they look or feel cheap. 45 strands of Bright Silver 6mm Balls make up this fun beaded curtain. You will love the way the beads shine and sparkle. This curtain has the metal look, without the metal price tag or heavy weight. These curtains are made out of high-quality acrylic beads. Our newest beaded curtain panel is 72" long and 35" wide. Use beaded curtains to hang in a window, in a doorway, for weddings and events, as a room divider, or in retail locations as a cool window display. All strands are hanging from one rod. The beads are molded onto the line so that you can trim the length if you'd like using a pair of scissors. To cover wider areas, just hang more beaded curtains next to each other. ShopWildthings provides beaded curtains to the hottest names in the event decor, movie and television industries.