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Shop Succulents Modern Home Décor Classic Concrete Barrel Planter for a Single Succulent Plant Rose Gold

Looking for minimalistic decor with personality? Then our concrete barrel planter is perfect for you! Each concrete pot is uniquely made by hand & measures 4” by 2.5”. they are designed to house a 2” succulent plant. But this concrete doesn’t look like the concrete in your driveway. The simple material has been elevated to apiece of modern decor with smooth sides & Rose Gold paint.. We provide the concrete planter, a fully grown succulent, & a set of easy assembly instructions to guide you. But don't worry! Succulents are perfect starter plants for anyone lacking gardening experience. They are extremely resilient & are one of the easiest plants to care for. Succulents are small, exotic plants that bring natural beauty into your home or office without becoming a burden. Our plants aren’t artificial &, therefore, may vary from pictures shown. We hand-select each plant based on season, size, health, & readiness. Additionally, plant measurement will vary since different species grow in different ways; for example, some grow wider, shorter, taller, trailing, etc. Succulents don't need watering that Often, making them hard to kill. Wait until the soil is completely dried out, then soak the roots. Our detailed set of instructions will help you assemble your concrete planter & care for your plant. This modern planter can serve as a paperweight, windowsill decoration, accent on a shelf, or a desk accessory. Combine this planter with our other concrete planters to create an eclectic feel in your home. Or give away a planter as a gift to a friend or family member. Succulents grow successfully indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather & climate conditions. Growing mature plants is much easier than planting your own seeds. At Shop Succulents, we strive to help families & individuals bring a littlepiece of nature into their homes. Our goal is to help reconnect people with the beauty of the natural world around us.