SHANY Slumber Party Cosmetics Clear Travel Bag - Waterproof Multi-use Makeup , Nail and Travel Storage - 1 Count

From the creators of the 30 Color Chunky Eyeshadow Pencil Set, SHANY now brings you their new line of perfect travel-ready and storage bags. The SHANY Slumber Party Travel Bag is perfect for men and women of all ages. This water-resistant travel bag is made of clear non-toxic plastic and trimmed timelessly with a semi-matte plastic black trim and zippers. It measures at 9 inches X 2.5 inches X 5.7 inches, and has multiple uses. Use it to travel and store your: Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation, Two Way Foundations, Black Ombre Brush Set, Talc-Free and Crème Lipsticks, travel sized toiletries, travel size hair tools, hair accessories, jewelry, sewing tools, and first-aid supplies. The Slumber Party Travel bag fits within our Rebel and Alpha cases and inside most standard sized drawers. SHANY is a member of PETA, and their whole line of new travel bags were designed by makeup professionals in the U.S.A.