Sertodo Satini Cocktail Cup, Hammered Copper 8 oz Martini Cup, Copper,

High Quality Hammered Copper Goods Since 1997 Uniting modern style with ancient craft, our Hammered Copper Martini Cup has a sleek design with sharp lines and smart curves. Its pure elegance will elevate any occasion. The Satini Cocktail Cup is ideal for Martini's and gourmet displays. Ice down these copper cups for Sorbet, Chocolate Mousse and Caviar too! Sertodo Copper stands on the edge of our rapidly changing world maintaining a balance between the ancient and the modern with a deep respect for our craft and the work of the human hand. Our Hammer Polish beats shine, beauty and durability into every piece. Heavy gauge, Pure copper from 100% recycled sources for a healthier Environment. Unique style and superior quality, our equipment gives beautiful service that lasts for generations. Made in the USA.