Fleur De Lis Blackout Curtains 6-Piece Set, Burgundy, 54"x96"

The Fleur De Lis Curtain collection is a full 6 piece set that includes two wide and long blackout thermal panels, two stylish and gorgeous Voile Embroidery Curtains with Fleur De Lis across the canvas, and two extra long tie backs to adjust to any home decor style. The Black out curtains have stainless steel colored metal grommets, eight holes in each panel that make opening and closing these window treatments easy and smooth while giving extra fashion to the whole collection.This curtain set is also certified and BV tested and the results were 99.99% sunlight black out. Never deal with hard bright light coming through the windows. The Viole curtains allow the light coming in to be a tranquil soft light that is soothing and calm.Not only does the curtain block out sunlight but is also an insulated thermal that keeps your home cold during hot summer days and warn on cold nights. Curtains will serve as extra insulation, the air conditioning or heater will not run as much saving money and extra wear and tear on appliances.As a bonus these curtains also are developed for noise reduction and can reduce the amount of sound from the outside coming in. Perfect if a home needs to be more quiet from the outside world or a home that is next to a busy street.Built for home style as well as usability this is the perfect curtain set for any residence.A complete 6 piece window setLight weight thermal insulated blackout curtains2 large panels 54" wide by 96" tall2 voile embroidery curtains in white featuring fleur de lis pattern2 long tie backs for elegant openings 2" tall by 24" long Total window space size is 108" wide by 84" tall99% light blocking thickness 50% noise reduction8 solid silver grommets for hangingMatching embroidery color on voile curtainsEasy care: machine wash in cold water on low and tumble dry on lowMade of high quality 100% microfiber polyester