Nina Cucina Your Healthy Gourmet

Nina Cucina Your Healthy Gourmet is a cookbook filled with gourmet-tasting, nutritionally dense, sensually gratifying recipes. Nina Cucina Your Healthy Gourmet is unique in the following ways: The book is of top notch quality, offering full (four color) print on every page. Each page, with the exception of the index, table of contents and glossary, has gorgeous food photography whether it be a recipe or an information page. The interior stock is 100# Fortune Gloss Text and the cover is 10 pt Nordic Plus Cover. These high quality choices ensure that the book holds up to real kitchen use while still maintaining a high standard of beauty. Each recipe contains nutritional information so that the reader can stay on track. This is a unique attribute not included in most cookbooks. The book is filled with additional information to help the reader with cooking and food. A how to use this book page is included in the book, as well as a cake serving guide, measurement conversion charts, meat thermometer charts, oven temperature conversions and a food and health glossary of terms.