Señor Wood

Wooden Roux Spoon Spatula (Duck)

Señor Wood's roux spoons are hand cut, sanded and embellished out of different hardwoods. Smooth to the touch and to the tongue, these spoons are soaked and sealed in food grade Mineral Oil. These spoons are also wonderful for all your non stick cookware and are even more on a cast iron skillet to make a good southern Roux! This spoon is shaped to get to the edges of the pan,the places where bits can stick and burn. At 11 or 15 inches long, this spoon will keep your hand safe. Señor Wood's roux spoons are designed for right and left-handed chef's and is a must in the kitchen. *SPOONS ARE MADE OF DIFFERENT HARDWOODS SO YOU WILL GET THE SAME DESIGN BUT COLOR, GRAIN AND WOOD WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM PICTURED. IF YOU WANT A CERTAIN WOOD OR LIGHT/DARK GRAIN PLEASE NOTE THAT IN ORDER AND WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO MATCH YOUR DESIRES IF AVAILABLE *