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Cousins Make the Best Friends - Personalized, Hand-Painted Christmas ornament

Do you have a cousin (or more than one!) that you just don't know what you'd do without? Show how much you appreciate them with this one of a kind, hand-painted, personalized snowman ornament featuring up to five snowmen or snowladies!. Banner under snowmen will read "Cousins Make the Best Friends" unless otherwise specified.. Snowmen are standing in a pile of snow and are each wearing a hat or earmuffs as depicted and scarf. I personalize each snowmen by writing names on their bellies. Please include the following information for each snowman when placing your order: Name Gender Scarf / Hat color If you'd like me to add the year, please let me know. Any order placed before December 12th will be shipped in plenty of time for Christmas if being sent to the Continental US. All international orders including Canada should be placed before December 5th. Ornament is 80mm (approx. 3 1/4").