Wooden Wood Clock, LED Alarm Desk Clock with Time Temperature Humidity Sound Control Desk Alarm Clock, Triangle

Technical specifications: Name: Wooden Alarm Clock LED lights: White Shape: Triangle Custom processing: Yes Housing material: wood Movement: Electronic Display Type: LED display: time, temperature, humidity Modes of product : Normal mode and Voice- activated mode (When the alarm is in Voice- activated mode, the sound caused by clapping or other ways reaches 40-60 dB, it will wake up work) Dimensions: Length: 15cm Width: 7.8cm height: 9cm Color: three colors to choose from, bamboo of wood, white wood, dark black wood LED lights dimming: light - medium - low, to meet the needs of different scenarios Applications: public places, living room, office, den, bedroom, kitchen Two modes: 1.Voice- activated mode: Click the (DOWN), the display ON: SD (open), the display : SD (off). Under Voice- activated mode: After wakeup working time is 13 seconds. LED light adjustment: Press (UP) opening height adjustment, L1 (light) -L2 (in) -L3 (low), (UP) and (DOWN) two key free to adjust the brightness. Time Setting: Press SET to open the time setting, the screen does not move after entering the year editable time, year, month, and day. 12 | 24H switching, three groups of alarm clock, Saturday, Sunday alarm clock. Press (UP) and (DOWN) can be adjusted up and down, press SET to proceed to the next set of commands: 2. Normal mode(Alarm clock): The first group: A1 closed ON: A1 Open The second group: A2 closed ON: A2 open The third group: A3 close ON: A3 open  Weekend: E close ON: E Open NOTE: 07:00 ---- 17:59:59 for the high brightness LED lights, 18:00 --- 06:59:59 low luminance (the alarm sound from simple, low-drop to drop the fastest rhyth m sound long about 1 minute) For details, please refer to the manual. Features: 1. When lazy to go mute, LED display Voice- activated mode, clap your hands easily wake work 2. The same screen displays temperature, humidity, time / calendar automatically. 3. The three groups arbitrarily set alarm time, the weekend can be set separately, 12H / 24H set free. 4. LED lights dimming, L1 light -L2 medium -L3 low (for dark halo of light, for example at night during sleep) 5. Voice- activated function switch freely set. 6. The shape and texture of the natural wood flavor into the room, breaking the limitations of simple alarm clock and wall clock, practical and simple appearance perfect fusio n. 7. The two power modes, battery power supply and power cord (battery powered recommended that you turn the voice- activated mode) 8. The temperature, humidity and time, with the screen display Celsius ℃ / Fahrenheit ℉) a key switch 9. When the alarm is in Voice- activated mode, the sound caused by clapping or other ways reaches 40-60 dB, it will wake up work Package Included: 1 x LED Wood Clock 1 x English User Manual 1 x USB cable read more