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Santa Barbara Design Studio Barstoll Philosopher Wine Glass

Under the brand name, JKC Studio, Jessica Kagan Cushman is delighted to showcase a unique line of gifts and accessories developed with her unorthodox sense of fashion and design. A creativity inside her that blossomed in her youth and had become a full obsession by her mid-20's has made Jessica's collections sought after by everyone from fad-conscious Hollywood starlets to savvy business women. With her signature whimsical, cheeky and downright funny phrases paired with her clever black and white vintage-look designs, there is a piece from JKC Studio just perfect for your next adventure. To put it simply, at Santa Barbara Design Studio, we make what we love and we love what we make. Since 1976, it has been our mission to create beautifully designed, high-quality giftware products that you are inspired to give and want to keep. Our passion for finding the next wonderful product has translated into a broad line drawn from the works of talented and trendsetting designers like Lolita, Curly Girl, Sally Jean, JKC Studio, Naughty Betty, Patrick Reid O'Brien, Tamara Hensick, Christopher Vine Design and Bombay Duck, just to name a few.Smart and witty wine glass from JKC Studio is some serious funStands 9.5" tall and holds 18-oz of your favorite wine, cooler, cocktail or juiceCheeky and downright funny phrases paired with clever black and white vintage-look designsSee all of Jessica Kagan Cushman's collections (JKC Studio) from Santa Barbara Design Studio