Sakura 51001 96-Piece Fantasia Assorted Watercolor Tube Set

Treat a monetwanttobe with quality pigments ground with highquality mediums to help express their view of the world. Make painting easy and fun by capturing their attention with blendable, quick drying colors that respond instantly to water. The 12 poly tube set of reusable containers have a unique lidandcup package for the budding artist to use as a palette and brush washer. Squeeze color right out of the tube or add water to create just the right transparency. Ideal for children’s art classes, craft projects or hobbies. 12 poly tube set, each tube is 12ml in size. Meets nontoxicity requirements. Reusable container can be used as a brush washer. Container lid acts as a palette. Set consists of black, blue, white, yellow, light green, dark blue, green, brown, light brown, orange, bright yellow and red colors. 96 tubes 12 colors with 8 tubes of each color.