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Easy Breakfast & Brunch Ryland Peters & Small Author

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, arming you with the energy and stamina to face anything life might throw at you. And on lazy weekends what you really want is a leisurely, feelgood brunch. Easy Breakfast & Brunch provides dozens of ideas for every kind of morning treat. Make your own Granola or Muesli Bars or kick-start your day with a Winter Dried Fruit Compote. Sweet Treats will satisfy even the most decadent cravings and if you're after savory fare to starve off a real hunger, the Big Bites like Sausage and Bacon Rolls should fit the bill. And who doesn't enjoy breakfast in bed? Spoil someone special with Easy Eggs and make them Creamy Scrambled Eggs on Rye or a Baked Brunch Omelet. Indulge in refreshing Pineapple Crush from Delicious Drinks. And when nothing else will do, reach for the Worcestershire sauce and pour yourself a Bloody Mary. *Healthy and indulgent options. *Mouthwatering suggestions from granola and muffins to omelets and smoothies.