Ultra Leather Coaster, Set of 4, Brownstone

Doing our part to save varnished rosewood tabletops one handcrafted leather coaster at a time. If you've got a frosty mug or cup moist with condensation, put it on one of these.- Dimensions: 4" x 4"- Includes 4 coasters per set - Made from top-grain cowhide- Secured with a leather strap for storage LEATHER CARE:- Chemicals will weaken the leather over time. Be patient. Its ruggedness will grow in character with you.- Don't be afraid of a scuff. Lick your finger. Rub it in. The oils from your skin shape the patina's look over time. So go ahead. Handle it!- Avoid leaving leather for extended periods of time in direct sunlight or extreme heat. We recommend Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam for additional leather conditioning.