Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Old Country 5 Piece Square Patio/Dining Set

. Info on the quality and benefits of Northern White Cedar: The superior choice for rustic furniture because of its beauty, practicality, and versatility. Features: Smooth surfaced wood adds comfortNaturally resistant to rot and insect damageWeathers gracefully to a silvery gray when left untreatedChoose the clear coat finish option as available or stain it with quality exterior wood sealants to match d ©corWill not shrink or warpAll log furniture is subject to the natural process of "checking." Checking happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. It is the usual result of wood seasoning. Checking occurs only on the surface of the wood, and does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. Rustic Natural Cedar