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Imperial 1212-BS White/Silver Blue Made To Order Rug, Rectangle 8 x 10

These beautiful Rug and Home exclusives come directly from India. With close to 200000 knots per square meter, Imperial is one of our finest collection. These luxurious rugs are very masterfully crafted using the finest materials, very detailed designs and immaculate finishing. Often considered as our benchmark product the Imperial rugs are a epitome of class and luxury. These rugs are also produced in natural silk upon request.From the intricate details brought to life by the serene color palette, to the combination of soft and hard lines, these carpets are inviting yet sophisticated. Each design is a true gem!This rug is perfect for your living room, dining room, den, bedroom, or any living space. This rug is handcrafted by our rug artisans, made to order, and may take up to 3 to 4 months for delivery. Shop for similar rugs like this one in our Asheville, NC; Kannapolis, NC and Gaffney, SC Rug and Home showrooms.10/10 Hand Knotted 80% Wool, 20% Bamboo Silk