Rubber-Cal "Alexandria Outdoor Coco Coir Decorative Rubber Doormat, 18 x 30-Inch

Rubber-Calis "Alexandria" outdoor coco coir doormat is beautiful decorative rubber doormat that belongs in front of any home or small business. With its unique coir-rubber structure, long-lasting durability, and helpful scraper and drainage mat design, this eco-friendly doormat is an affordable choice for any family. Made with tough coconut husk fiber and eco-friendly rubber product, these dirt mats are tough enough to stand up to a variety of harsh conditions. The natural and reclaimed rubber material that is used to make the frame of this mat comes from re-vulcanized scrap rubber (i.e., Recycled vehicle tires). As a result, these eco-friendly doormats are a great choice for anyone who wants a fashionable mat that has a minimal impact on the environment. Because this coir and rubber doormat is made with such sustainable materials, it is also more durable than some of the leading door mats on the market. This outdoor coco coir doormat is built to withstand constant moisture and heat without cracking or distorting. Simply shake or vacuum the mat for easy cleaning, and it will be back to looking good as new on your front step. Our dirt mats are also great for protecting the inside of your home from the elements. The woven coir surface of these dirt mats scrapes debris from shoes to keep interior floors clean. The ornate rubber frame also allows moisture to drain from the doorway, preventing serious accidents on slippery days. This rubber doormat isnit just decorative n it is extremely practical, too! Donit miss out on an eco-friendly doormat that lowers your carbon footprint for an affordable price. Check out our iAlexandriai coco coir doormat for great savings and floor protection today!.