Rubber-Cal 10-102-031" Modern Lattice-Contemporary Coir Doormat, 18" x 30", Brown

The “modern lattice” Brown dirt trapper doormat is the perfect addition to any home or office entryway. Designed to improve the cleanliness of all your interior spaces, this elegant doormat is highly prized for its durability & its aesthetic appeal. Made up of alternating rows of black & tan zigzags, these patterned door mats are fully capable of being used in a practically unlimited# of applications. These contemporary doormats fit supremely into almost any area & will serve you & your guests admirably for a long time thanks to their durable, efficient coir construction! reminiscent of sewing patterns native to cultures across the world, this coconut fiber doormat is a modern spin on a revered, long-lasting artistic style. The tough yet flexible bristles of these dirt stopper doormats excel at reaching far into even the deepest grooves of your footwear. By removing debris & keeping it trapped within the confines of its surface, these modern doormats can easily & efficiently clean even the most stubborn of stains & substances from your shoes. In lattice designs linear motifs intersect to form an overall grid, or lattice. Two, three, or more lattice systems may be superimposed so that their components cross at regular intervals. Since it is derived from Coconuts –which are by nature extremely tough & weather resistant – coir has the ability to be implemented in virtually any location for long periods of time without loss of material integrity. This makes it an obvious choice for all manner of contemporary doormats. These door mats are sold in sizes of 18" widths by 30" lengths & can fit in to a plethora of situations with ease. Combined with their easy to maintain nature & inherent water resistance, these “modern lattice” dirt stopper doormats are practically essential for any cleanliness- or aesthetically-minded household or business!