Rubber-Cal 10-102-030" Casablanca Brown Doormat, 18" x 30",

Every homeowner strives to create the perfect ambience to reflect their distinct personality. To add a touch of truly unique flair to the entryway to your home, consider using a “casablanca” Brown striped doormat. The Brown lattice design of these patterned door mats is purposefully designed to reflect classic Moroccan artwork & lend any home or office a rustic, yet welcoming atmosphere. Based off the North African customs of square tiles & patterns that have persisted since ancient times, these modern doormats reflect an aesthetic that extends back hundreds upon hundreds of years. &, just like the culture they borrow from, these entryway mats are innately hardy & possess an admirable longevity, meaning you can use them freely both indoors or outside without worrying about them suffering an undue damage or wearing! a truly material, coir is just as efficient (if not more so) at cleaning out dirt & debris from your footwear as synthetic dirt trapper doormat materials. Stripped from the sturdy, durable husks of Coconuts, coir is one of the most dependable, natural elegant doormat materials in the business. Because the majority of coir is harvest by hand from renewable coconut plantations, coir is the Apex choice in Matting for any environmentally conscious consumer. The coconut fiber doormat is a product that combine the ingenuity of man with the material quality of nature. Do you only need your lattice doormat installed for certain times of the year? no problem! the lightweight composition of these door mats means that they can be easily stored, installed, & transported without requiring any tools or special handling procedures. This makes a casablanca contemporary doormat the perfect type of doormat for use in virtually any residential or commercial space. An intriguing blend of rusticity & modernity, “casablanca” Brown entryway mats will perform exceptionally at keeping your interior surfaces clean & your doorways stylish!