Rubber-Cal, Inc.

Tropical Pineapple 30 in. x 18 in. Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

Rubber-Cal, Inc. Rubber-Cal's door mat is an excellent product for setting up an atmosphere which is reminiscent of peaceful and breezy summers on the beach. Welcome your guests to your tropical paradise abode any time of year! These pineapple door mats feature a uniquely-inspired design, are made from eco-friendly and durable materials, and can help to keep your floors clear of any and all messes! These fun door mats display a border of a dozen tiny pineapples surrounding the world "Welcome" in a playful font. There will be no lack of pineapples to go around for all of your friends and family to enjoy with these pineapple door mats! This door mat is made from the eco-friendly husks of coconut shells called coir. The materials that go into making these coir welcome door mats are durable and mold and mildew resistant, making them a great display for your entryway year-round, no matter the season! These front door welcome signs also function excellently as scraper surfaces. The fibrous materials that are used to make them are superb at scraping away unwanted dirt and grime from the bottoms of shoes, preventing messes from entering your home! This doormat can be easily cleaned by shaking or sweeping it, making maintenance incredibly easy and affordable.This decorative door mat is perfect for any-sized entryway. Get yourself one of these uniquely-designed modern door mats before thoughts of beaches fade away!