Cat Doormat Kit, Set of 3

This special package of cat doormats is among the best cat gifts you can give to the cat lovers in your life! When you get this wonderful kit, you receive two cat door mats, the Meow Cat Welcome Mat and the Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat, along with the Herringbone boot and shoe scraper mat. These three products are made of eco-friendly coir material. Coir, also known as coco, is a fibrous material that is extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. It has a rough texture that makes it ideal for a front doormat. Thanks to the use of coco coir on these decorative accessories, any cat lover's home entryway can be cleaner. When footwear scrapes along the rough surface of these entry mats, the coco coir fibers will flush out the various types of outdoor debris stuck onto them. This means that these cat door mats can help prevent outdoor contaminants from ruining the interior harmony of any cat lover's home! The accompanying boot and shoe scraper is specifically designed for this helpful purpose, and it is included along with the cat doormats so that it can be conveniently placed next to the cat stuff for more intensive shoe scraping. Coco Coir products like these cat lover gifts are also all-weather products that are great for the outdoors regardless if it is rainy or sunny. Each cat mat is sized at 18 x 30, making them the ideal outdoor decor for any cat lover's doorway. The boot and shoe scraper mat is sized at 2.5 x 12 x 13, which makes this home decor large enough to accommodate most shoe sizes.