Rosdorf Park

Roses Floral Arrangement in Vase Rosdorf Park Flowers Color: Pink

Beautiful, fluffy and colorful! The vigorously growing Rose shrub symbolizes growth, heartfelt emotions, and prosperity. Adding these into your decorations and arrangements will give your party or home space a refreshing and exotic appeal and sophistication. Amazingly realistic foliage gives an enchanting finishing look to the bouquet; soft stems are comfortable to hold while delicately handcrafted blooms give an everlasting refreshing look and feel to your floral arrangements. Unlike their fresh counterparts, these undying silk blossoms will always stay colorful, vibrant, and blooming, oozing everlasting festive colors of happiness all around! Bring a touch of color, garden-chic appeal to your ensemble with this eye-catching faux bouquet. Rosdorf Park Flowers Color: Pink