Rocky Mountain Wax Works

Highly Scented Cottage Potpourri Air Freshener Country Home Rustic Prim Barn Chic Decor Room Fragrance

Our highly scented cottage potpourri is hand blended and scented in our Colorado Studio. We mix select botanical elements with our own hand dried oranges and limes and then scent it all with premium fragrance oils to create stunning and fragrant potpourri. Our hand blended potpourri will fill your space with the wonderful aroma of your choice. Each purchase also includes a one-ounce glass bottle of refresher fragrance oil with a fine mist sprayer. You can refresh your potpourri to extend the life of the scent. You choose from our most popular scents at checkout... Orange Spice, Red Hot Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Victorian Christmas. Your potpourri comes in a convenient clam shell with a homespun tie.