Riedel Vinum XL Crystal Oaked Chardonnay Wine Glass, Set of 2

Sip your favorite wine in style with this Riedel Vinum XL Oaked Chardonnay wine glass set. Vinum XL is a bold adaptation of Riedel's popular Vinum stemware line, incorporating the same varietal-specific shapes into larger sized silhouettes for a dramatic effect at the table or bar. Developed for big, bold and concentrated wines, each Vinum XL glass is made from machine-blown crystal and shaped for each type of wine or beverage. With its specially designed shape to incite the development of a diverse array of aromas to showcase the subtle flavors, this beautiful glass set is the perfect way to enjoy Oaked Chardonnay, Montrachet, and other white wines.Measurements8-1/8" H, with a 21.75 ounce capacity