Riedel Veritas Crystal Dishwasher Safe Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Glass (2 Pack) Riedel

Enjoying a glass of wine after work or with your family and friends on the weekends is a treat. With the veritas crystal dishwasher-safe sauvignon blanc white wine glasses, you can truly treat yourself. This set of 2 glasses from the collection features a fine, thin, and lightweight design. The generous bowl is shaped for enjoying white wines like sauvignon blanc. The wine glass showcases the combination of fruit and acidity in your wine to give you a perfectly balanced, harmonious taste experience. With a dishwasher-safe design, keeping these wine glasses sparkling is a breeze. The Veritas wine glass combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine-made glass can achieve. Made of fine crystal glass with exceptional clarity and brilliance, the Riedel veritas crystal dishwasher safe wine glasses are made to be used on the dinner table every night. Riedel