Reston Lloyd

Calypso Basics by Reston Lloyd Whistling Teakettle, 2 quart, Lime Marble

Reston Lloyd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of kitchenware, specializing in enamel on steel products. For nearly 30 years, they have been dedicated to providing the highest quality products, with an equal emphasis on superior customer service. Reston Lloyd provides a wide variety of household goods that coordinate with patterns of popular dinnerware manufacturers. Reston Lloyd's Calypso Basic line was created to make their everyday useful kitchenwares, into fun and bright colors. Reston Lloyd brought bright colors onto the market over 40 years ago and continues to add new colors. Reston Lloyd only uses the current trending colors to ensure you are offered the best coordinating houseware items. While some colors are replaced by others from year to year, one thing remains the same, which is variety. Reston Lloyd is one of the only manufacturers who have over 12 standard colors at one time. Calypso Basics includes items such as enamel on steel or powdered coated colanders in FIVE sizes! The collection also contains, batter bowls, microwave cookware set, enamel cookware, acrylic storage, melamine utensil, and more! Start collecting your favorite color today and see what a little color can do for you. This teakettle is part of the Calypso Basic Modernly Vintage Collection. There are a lot of benefits to using a teakettle to heat your beverage. First, using an enamel on steel teakettle will allow you to control the temperature of your water (vs the microwave oven). For expert tea drinkers this is very import because the flavor of the tea is affected. Serving from a teakettle for either yourself or guests gives a nice presentation while keeping your remaining water warm. This medium teakettle can heat any beverage you like; such as water, tea, cider, as well as others. The fold down handle allows for easy and quick filling or cleaning. The harmonic hum will alert you when your water is boiling (level of water will determine how fast water will heat up). You can use this on any kind of stovetop. Please read full directions before use. read more