Red Oak Road

Square New Cedar Serving Tray, 6"

Our 100% new cedar, 2" tall serving tray, has all of the character and charm of our larger trays just in a smaller size. Available in three square sizes (4", 5" and 6"), the mini tray can be used as an accompaniment to larger centerpieces, a stand alone piece or even paired with multiple different sizes to create a unique arrangement.This item is constructed of all new cedar and wears a protective, all season, coating of our custom in-house oil blend. Each tray is absolutely unique and no two will ever be the same. -- Overall Size and Finishes --4" Square:Outside Dimensions: 4.00" Length x 4.00" Width x 2.00" HeightInside Dimensions: 2.625" Length x 2.625" Width x 1.40" Depth5" Square:Outside Dimensions: 5.00" Length x 5.00" Width x 2.00" HeightInside Dimensions: 3.625" Length x 3.625" Width x 1.40" Depth6" Square:Outside Dimensions: 6.00" Length x 6.00" Width x 2.00" HeightInside Dimensions: 4.625" Length x 4.625" Width x 1.40" Depth