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Record Clock - Bob Dylan. Handmade 12" wall clock made with an ORIGINAL VINTAGE Bob Dylan record.

A unique gift for any Bob Dylan fan! This Bob Dylan record clock is handmade by us using the original 12" vinyl record. Any one of several Bob Dylan records are used. The record clock is battery powered with an American made quartz clock movement. The numbers, hour, and minute hand are shiny metallic gold and the second hand is bright red. Simply place a nail in the wall and the record clock is ready to hang. Please contact us with any questions! A unique gift for family and friends, music lovers and teachers, thank yous and birthdays! All clocks ship 2-3 day priority mail in the USA. FUN, UNIQUE, MUSIC, RECYCLED... Key Features: - Created with the actual Bob Dylan album. Everything is authentic. - Reliable high-quality clock mechanism. - We have been making these since 2010. - Quality packaging protects against damage. - Made in the USA.