Recherche Furnishings, Inc.

Natural Reclaimed Rustic Birdhouse Key Holder, Set of 3

The Recherche Furnishings Natural Reclaimed Rustic Birdhouse Key Holders are made from 100% recycled real wood from Texas. Each Key Holder is unique and handmade. Expect holes, nails, blemishes, and characteristics of old wood in each Key Holder. Your holders will not be exactly like the photo shown, but the same high quality will be found in your piece. The birds are cut from fine metal and very sturdy. A recycled can tab is used as the wall hook. The Birdhouses stand 8" high from top to bottom, 8" wide and 2" out to the key hooks. Finish is natural. Keys not included. 10% of your sale goes to drill water-wells in needy African communities. Made in the USA.