Collapsible Double Laundry Hamper Rebrilliant

Laundry is a drag, there’s no doubt about it, but it still needs to be done. Sort your dirty clothes and make laundry day a little easier with this collapsible double laundry hamper. This twin set of laundry hampers is the solution to all your laundry day needs. With two separate removable liners, you’re able to easily sort your clothing by color, type, or size and remove it when it’s time to wash. Plus, a removable magnetic lid keeps soiled linens hidden away and helps deter unpleasant odors while keeping your space neat and tidy. The lightly textured fabric cover is both waterproof and easy to clean and can be hand-washed as needed. A great piece for your bathroom, bedroom closet, and laundry room, this collapsible laundry hamper is also easy to assemble and store; allowing you to keep your living space looking organized and maintained. Rebrilliant