Ravenscroft Cristoff Salmanazar Decanter

Lead-free crystal. Holds 330 oz.. Hand-wash only. Hand-crafted. 10W x 23.5H inches. The Ravenscroft Cristoff Salmanazar Decanter is large enough to hold multiple bottles of your favorite wine. Ideal for large events or just for display this decanter has an angled mouth making it easier to pour. The large body and thick base keep the decanter from tipping and spilling.Decanters: Useful and BeautifulDecanters allow wine to breathe. This essential step exposes wine to the air and begins the release of the wine's unique aromatics thereby allowing for full flavor enjoyment. For older full-bodied wines decanting serves as a simple way to separate the wine from any sediment that might have accumulated in the bottle. Ultimately wine decanters significantly enhance presentation which completes the full sensory experience.Ravenscroft Crystal is the embodiment of old-world European craftsmanship blended with modern understanding of how a wine glass enhances the tasting experience. Each style of glass that Ravenscroft offers is the result of many years of glass-making trial and error. Each type of glass is individually designed and crafted to enhance the bouquet and taste of the wine or spirit for which it was made. The combination of being perfectly formed and light to the touch allows the bouquet to deliver the essence of the wine and spirits to the proper zones of the palate. To reduce the transfer of hazardous toxins into the beverage all Ravenscroft crystal products are lead-free. Color: wash/wine - W5949-9000.