Raphael Rozen

Wall Mirror Antique-Style Silver Brass With Carvings by Raphael Rozen, 45x65

Here’s The Hanging Mirror That Magically Looks Perfect To Any WallAre you sick and tired of trying to choose the right decorative mirror for your home? Are you dazzled by the many style and shape options available?Looking for a wall-mounted mirror to add interest to your decor and not be restrictive as to the kind of furniture that can or can’t be combined with?If you answered "yes", then keep reading.Raphael Rozen is happy to offer you a hanging wall-mounted mirror which shows how simplicity carried to an extreme becomes ELEGANCE.The neutral, but different than anything else you’ve seen, Antique Silver Brass Color of its frame can make a subtle and quiet statement in your interior or exterior décor, whereas its Carvings finish adds a vintage, romantic touch to its surroundings.Until you see what this mirror looks like in person, there’s no way to describe it!When Luxury Meets FlexibilityYou can now pamper your house with a luxurious decorative item at the most affordable price. Its polystyrene mirror sheet is a high impact material with great reflective quality, whereas its frame is made of a heavy-duty, wood-like material.Our wall-mounted mirror fits perfectly nice to your bathroom, your entrance hall, or any other room of your house. And, luckily, you can choose between four size options to best suit your space requirements.SIMPLE BUT CLASSY: Our sleek and slim, rectangular-shaped wall mirror has a striking orderly, restrained look. With its Vintage Antique Silver Brass Colored with Carvings this elegant framed mirror can add a beautiful detail to your home décor.DESIGNED TO LAST: This extra-durable and sturdy wall-mounted mirror is made of high quality polystyrene and wood-like material, being specially manufactured to last for many years to come. Simply-designed, it will remain up-to-date when the other pieces of your home decoration become outdated.WHEN SIZE MATTERS: Our first decision when choosing a mirror is how large we want it to be. Size is very important since it can influence the impact we want to create. Whether you want it to make a statement or not, this hanging wall-mounted mirror is ideal for you. We offer a selection of 4 sizes to choose from to accommodate the needs of your space.GREAT GIFT IDEA: This simply-lined, neutrally-colored wall mirror can make a beautiful gift idea for your beloved ones. It is a safe choice, since it can make even the smallest and darkest of rooms more comfortable and inviting. Its shape and style make it suitable for any room of the house, office or store.ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE: Raphael Rozen has a long tradition of creating unique mirrors of exceptional quality with an emphasis on all end-users. We try hard to provide our customers with positive purchase experiences. read more