Randolph Rose Collection

Randolph Rose Collection Pony Garden Statue

Dimensions: 54W x 12L x 42H in.. Crafted of bronze. Natural bronze finish. Lost wax casting captures the muscle detail. Outdoor use. The lost wax cast bronze construction captures energetic equestrian spirit in the Randolph Rose Collection Pony Garden Statue. The eye-catching detail of the horse's muscles and the softly gleaming bronze finish give it a classic artistic feel.About Lost Wax CastingLost wax casting, also called cire-perdue, is a metal-casting method which dates back over 5,000 years. It involves pouring plaster over a wax model. The wax is then melted and drained away, leaving a hollow imprint in the center of the plaster. Melted bronze is poured into the hollow left behind by the wax. Once the metal cools, the plaster core can be discarded, producing a detailed bronze figure - RG249.