Queer Eye

Queer Eye Asher Sofa, Light Gray Linen

*BOOM, BANG, POP* What’s that you ask? That’s the sound of the fireworks we can see coming from your eyes! We think you just experienced love at first sight with the Queer Eye Asher Sofa and we don’t blame you. The Asher is a showstopper worthy of a Bobby Berk home makeover! Designed with a sturdy frame, plush foam cushions and a soft linen upholstery, the Asher will give you extra motivation to stay in for a lazy Sunday watching re-runs of 90’s rom-coms with a bowl of chips and guacamole. It’s okay hun, live your truth! This is a judgement free zone and P.S. we’ll be doing the same thing. The Queer Eye Asher Sofa is offered in multiple colors to give you the perfect option to add some zhuzh to your home! What are you waiting for? The sooner you add to cart, the sooner you and Asher can finally meet!