Purina Bella

(12 Pack) Purina Bella Natural Small Breed Pate Wet Dog Food, with Chicken & Smoked Bacon Flavor in Savory Juices, 3.5 Oz. Trays

Give your dog a nutritious and mouthwatering meal with Purina Bella With Chicken & Smoked Bacon Flavor in Savory Juices adult wet dog food. The meaty flavors of chicken and bacon lets your little girl know you're thinking of her taste buds while caring for her nutritional needs. The tender pate and savory juices gives her a little meal to smile about, and you can take pride in knowing she's getting a formula that's natural with added vitamins and minerals. Formulated for small dogs, this nutrient-dense formula gives her the support she needs for wagging her tail and bouncing along happily. With a protein-rich recipe to support her strong muscles, this meaty formula provides a 100% complete and balanced nutrition for small adult dogs. Purina knows that pampering your small dog is a big part of your day, and we're dedicated to making sure a little can go a long way. A daily serving of Bella With Chicken & Smoked Bacon Flavor in Savory Juices makes every day bright.