Purina Bella

(12 Pack) Purina Bella Natural Small Breed Pate Wet Dog Food, with Beef & Smoked Bacon in Savory Juices, 3.5 Oz. Trays

Indulge your little dog's taste buds with Purina Bella With Beef & Smoked Bacon in Savory Juices natural adult wet dog food. The tender, meaty bites are perfectly sized for your small dog's mouth, and rich juices add mouthwatering flavor to each nibble. Watch as she savors every last morsel, and know you are giving her a natural meal with added vitamins and minerals that provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. This formula contains an antioxidant blend to help support her immune system, and the protein-rich recipe helps support strong muscles so she can enjoy exploring the world around her. We formulate this premium wet dog food with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives to meet your ingredient standards. Turn any day into a great little wonderful day when you fill your precious dog's bowl with Purina Bella wet dog food.